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Everyone who loves to cook and have healthier eating habits needs a fruit bowl at home, as it will help you store your vegetables, fruits and vegetables in a more organized way, plus you can have everything you need always at hand. And contrary to what you might imagine, nowadays it is possible to find different models of floor fruit bowl on the market, making it very easy to combine it with the other furniture in your kitchen. 

And so that you can buy the floor bowl that most has to do with the style of your kitchen , we have separated the models available on the market below for you to know. Check out!

Floor fruit bowl models

One of the great advantages of the kitchen floor bowl is that it helps to keep your food close at hand, which makes it much easier to maintain a healthy routine with tasty dishes.

But of course, in addition to this practicality, the fruit bowl also needs to harmonize with the style of the environment for a more beautiful decoration and a well-organized kitchen, right? For that, nothing better than knowing the models of fruit bowl below and learn how to choose the right fruit bowl for your environment. 

Stainless steel fruit bowl

Are you looking for a modern floor fruit bowl? So, how about giving the stainless steel fruit bowl a try? This model of modern floor fruit bowl is perfect for kitchens that already have other items with stainless finish like refrigerator and stove .

In addition, the stainless steel fruit bowl is super resistant, easy to clean and is responsible for bringing that more contemporary look if your kitchen has a more neutral or classic decor.

Wooden floor fruit bowl

Mehndi Designs The wooden fruit bowl is that fruit bowl that came to gain prominence in the decoration of your environment. Here you can choose either a rustic floor fruit bowl with demolition wood, for example, if you have a kitchen with a more bucolic style or even a smooth wooden floor fruit bowl for a more neutral environment.

The great advantage of the rustic floor fruit bowl or even the smooth wooden floor fruit bowl is that it adapts easily to different styles of decoration, in addition to being very easy to combine with kitchen cabinets , however care is needed to not leave the humidity from the environment reaching the furniture, as it may end up spoiling the wood.

Plastic floor bowl

The plastic floor bowl is a much simpler model compared to the stainless steel and wooden floor bowl, but as an advantage it has a much more accessible value.

In addition, the plastic floor bowl is also very easy to clean and due to its neutral color, it harmonizes easily in different kitchen styles.

Microwave floor pan

The microwave fruit bowl is an excellent piece of furniture for those who need to optimize space in the environment, after all, the top part of the fruit bowl can be used to accommodate the appliance.

But in addition, the microwave fruit bowl can also be found in different models on the market, being the simplest model where the fruit bowl has baskets for placing vegetables, fruits and vegetables and the most complete models the microwave fruit bowl. has a cabinet on the side, perfect for gaining more storage space in the environment. 


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